SACBW Youth Project

Last night I had the honor to attend the South African Council for Business Women PJ’s and Pillow Talk event as part of the 10 finalists in the SACBW Youth Project Competition.

As the PJ’s and Pillow Talk event was hosted in June, they thought it appropriate to host a competition for young business minded ladies as ourselves, and offer us amazing oppurtunities.


*All of those tables were filled!

We had the chance to meet and mingle with business women of all ages and ethnicities, from various businesses as well.

We had an amazing dinner and even better dessert (obviously), the arena was beautifully decorated (thanks Emnotweni Sun), and the cash bar was a bonus! (Queue tequila)

11039220_699469780182127_4016640879079765592_n 10422373_699470083515430_7998271436742029758_n 11041686_699470106848761_6483202018494176847_n 11061289_699469466848825_391568761336861744_n

I met some fantastic young ladies; Lindelwa (Lee), a model/ / / , Nomsa, fashion designer and owner of her own business and fashion line Angelique’s, Sanel, a Financial Information System graduate, Adante’, a graphic designer and aspiring photographer, Adriana, the quintest 20 year old chef, and many more.

11011479_699469960182109_5439034408311950685_n 11220072_699469690182136_4871160162157517879_n

And not only was I lucky enough to have met these amazing ladies, but I won First Prize for my essay on my passion, charity work and business! I was blessed to have received spa vouchers from FreyJa, a ticket to a 4 hour Performance Booster Seminar and last but not least, a bursary for a Business Course at the local Unigrad!

Looking forward to many more endeavors with my new friends.11052872_699470150182090_5300051402074726760_n


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